Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ballarat - National Road Race Titles

DNF - possibly the dirtiest acronym in racing. Did not finish. Although in Road Racing it's more common due to the strategy component and advantage of staying with the bunch, the only experience I've had with it is when I've seriously crashed on the MTB.
With a heavy program leading up to the MTB Nationals in a fortnight, I'd been feeling pretty tired and the legs were achey. I thought a week to freshen up for the road race would be enough though.
The Bunninyong circuit is tough with a 3.5km climb each lap for 10 laps. It was a hot day and with racing starting at 1.30pm hydration was important but difficult with so many riders going through the feed zone together. I missed two bottles which may have contributed to the cramp-a-thon which began on lap 4 in my left quad. By lap 6 when the pace was on I couldn't stand on the pedals without both calves and quads spasming. Having lost the lead bunch and wanting to fight another day, I rolled over the start/finish line and off the course. Making it to a rival team's tent, their director had to phone my director so they could push me up the hill to the team car - any remaining trace of dignity well and truly erased!
Time now for catching up on some sleep and resting before the MTB nationals in Canberra. I plan to overdose on massage and antioxidants (preferably from dark chocolate!) and to arrive at the start line relaxed, healthy and ready to tear it apart.