Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day...

What a weekend! The best training I have done in a long time and don’t my legs know about it. A stunning ride on the dirt up to Mt Nebo on Saturday it was nice to fall in the door feeling quite spent, have a feed and collapse into bed. South Boundary Rd on the way to Nebo is quite a busy highway on the weekend with riders of various paces making the trek. Some were have a leisurely spin, stopping for views and others were just on a mission – including the woman who recently bought my last MTB…looks like she was putting it through its paces.

Mothers Day was celebrated with a 5am wake up, fumbling around for coffee and breakfast and my flatmate and I wishing each a good day as we headed off for a ride while our kids slept. I think we may have missed the point of the celebration! I decided on a trifecta of river loops as I wanted the flattest possible ride after so many hills the day before. The first was solo, the second with someone called ‘snake’ and the third with a roadie named ‘horse’. The circles I move in…

It was very nice to be sitting in the autumn sun at Garage café mid-ride, watching the remnants of the Mothers Day Run searching for food and coffee. I returned home to a big bunch of flowers, hug & kisses and a demand for pancakes. Whose day is this anyway???

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