Friday, June 19, 2009

Parvo virus - google it!

Straight back from Alice Springs, rushing a uni assignment, off to Canberra 5 days later for a 4 day training camp with the National Downhill coach, Scott Sharples. Turning up in my ‘Brisbane winter’ riding attire really didn’t cut for down south. We stayed at the AIS which was great. The highlight being that for four whole days I didn’t have to cook or clean up! I love the food hall!!!

Most of the sessions were on the world champs course at Stromlo. I wanted to come back from the weekend having ridden something that I couldn’t ride before. I thought it would be the Hammerhead rock drop…until one of the other girls smashed her face on the second day and I wasn’t so keen anymore. I did do my first gap jump though so I was pretty chuffed.

On day four I was less chuffed when I was so sick with a flu that I had to pull the pin on the last session. Back to Brissy and I struggled through the week until Saturday when I couldn’t move my shoulders. The rest of my joints followed and I had to get someone to cut up my pumpkin by Sunday night! Blood test result – Parvo. Nasty virus causing temporary arthritis. Treatment – one week, no riding, no working. Lucky (or not) I had uni exams so I gained a lot of study time. My wrists came good in time to be able to hold a pen for the exams so all turned out ok…in a fashion.

Anaconda Enduro

This is a very post-post-race report so not too many details (that I can remember – damn you Black Sambucca!).

If you get the opportunity to take part in this event take it! It was so well organised with lots of fun stages. Most of the days were around 2 hours so basically an XC every day. Terrain varied with a surprising amount of single track and a depressing amount of sand. You can either ride it or you can’t – I sink! After being in the yellow jersey for the first 2 days I ended up with 2nd overall after 5 days with Jo Bennett having a blinder. Highlights – the night stage and post event dancing at various Alice Springs night spots. Lowlights – getting stuck solo for 10ks on a road section into a vicious headwind.

The country side was unexpectedly beautiful…just wide open spaces and a ‘nothing-ness’ that was stunning. I was well looked after by the Fredericksons and even learned how to make home-made pasta.

The Anaconda brought the fun-factor back into racing and it was great to see people of all ages and abilities having such an adventure.