Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lessons learned...

Five weeks is not enough time to get in world cup form (who would have guessed?).
Euros are really fast uphill (i kinda knew this one already).
National champs are 6 months away and I have some work to do.
Ultimately, mission achieved. Raced 2 world cups, got 6 UCI points (estimated cost $750 per point!) and got some valuable experience. It's also made me determined to get some of our young Aussie girls over here racing. I spoke to Gunn Rita today and she has such great memories of a year spent living in Sydney as a 19 year old, she is looking forward to coming back soon. I said Australia would love to have her so let's see if we can get this happening.
A big thank-you for all the supportive messages from home. I have a couple more nights sleeping on Jared Grave's couch then home baby! Can't wait to see my girl and catch up with great friends. Ciao.

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