Thursday, August 11, 2011


I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but this cycling game can be pretty boring at times. Someone asked me what I do when I'm not racing - do I just go out partying? That made me laugh.The first half of this week has been interesting but once race village opens its all business. You want to spend as much time as possible getting familiar with the track, but not too much time or you'll get tired.
If you're not on the track or getting your gear fixed, you're putting your feet up in your small room, with a small tv and its sole channel in a language you don't understand. I brought 3 books and I'm already through 2 of them. Free WiFi is awesome but there's only so much Facebook you can do on the HTC before your eyes hurt.
So you lay in bed and read, or listen to your ipod and you try not to eat. Or think about eating. You've seen the climbs out there and you need to be a lean racing machine so stop looking at that block of dark chocolate. God. So bored.
I spoke with Ralph Naf or the Multivan team today. They're staying in the hotel right beside the track. I wonder if he has this problem. Probably not. With an international team at your disposal you definitely have at least one channel of your chosen language and a lap top for movies. I wish I had a laptop. Good looking man, Ralph Naf. Great skin. So bored.

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