Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The story so far...

Performance is a combination of preparation, persistence and a bit of good luck. The latter seemed to have deserted me as I woke with a headcold the day I was to fly to Germany. It found me again when I got the whole middle row of seats to myself on the Brisbane to Singapore leg of the flight. Sleeping horizontally was bliss especially as the flight departed at 2.30am. I imagine this is what business class is like, but apparently the wine is better there.
I had the usual pre-trip meltdown, wracked with motherly guilt and anxiety. Some amazingly well-timed messages of support reminded me that I'm off to 'do my thing' so I had every reason to be confident & relaxed, though easier said than done.
Since starting up with Donna Dall at PCS coaching I've felt stronger and fitter than ever, although with only local recent racing its hard to gauge if that perception is translating into reality. Only one way to find out - world cup on Sunday!

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